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 Outdoor CarCapsule

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The CarCapsule is a vinyl bubble that seals your vehicle completely away from dust, dirt, condensation, and other elements.

Evaporative storage keeps your car dry, prevents corrosion and mildew, and eliminates musty interior odors.  Keeps your car dust and insect free, in show condition without detailing.  Protects your investment against children, pets, accidental shop dings, and shows off your car.  Less than $2.00 per month to operate!  

The Indoor Car Capsule has: 

  • 10 MIL double polished PVC, with UV stability, and cold crack flexibility to -20 degree F.
  • R-F radio frequency welded seams throughout construction, providing greatly enhanced strength and durability. 
  • Heavy-duty velcro fan panels.
  • A fan panel that is changeable without tools or adhesives.
  • #10 heavy-duty nylon zipper for strength and durability.
  • Base material is resistant to gas and oil, and will not support a flame.
  • Continuous ventilation removes odors and eliminates condensation. 

Outdoor CarCapsule has:

  • 15 MIL Couble Laminated Vinyle with "Rip-Stop" Mesh Core.
  • Tear Resistant Material
  • UV Stability and Cold Crack Flexibility.
  • Radio Frequency Welded Seams
  • Velcro Ran Panels
  • #10 Heavy Duty Nylon Zipper
  • Continuous ventilation removes odors, eliminates condensation, reduces heat build up.
  • Base material is unaffected by gas and oil, and will not support a flame.
  • Easy Installation
Size Description Part# Price Indoor Price Outdoor
8'X32" Motorcycle BB8 $289.00
12'X32" Chopper BB12 $339.00
14'X68"X68" Auto CC14 $379.00
16'X72"X68" Auto CC16 $399.00
18'X76"X68" Auto CC18 $429.00 $779.00
20'X78"X68" Auto CC20 $459.00 $799.00
14'X68"X78" Truck CC14 Tall $399.00
16'X72"X78" Truck CC16 Tall $409.00
18'X76"X78" Truck CC18 Tall $439.00
20'X78"X78" Truck CC20 Tall $469.00

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